For money. For murder. For each other.

Drama Thriller Crime
105 min     7.2     1996     USA


Corky, a tough female ex-convict working on an apartment renovation in a Chicago building, meets a couple living next door, Caesar, a paranoid mobster, and Violet, his seductive girlfriend, who is immediately attracted to her.


talisencrw wrote:
Easily the best film the Wachowskis have ever done. I heartily wish that they had stayed low-key, under the radar, and made great scorching films like this one.
Filipe Manuel Neto wrote:
**A competent and well-made erotic thriller, but without great originality.** This movie was a pleasant surprise. It came out in 1996, when dramatic films with a strong erotic content were still in vogue. Perhaps it is one of the last to have known some success, in fact. Understandably, the film remained very much alive in the heydays of VHS, I think it made its way to DVD, but gradually fell into oblivion where it currently rests. Is it deserved? Maybe not, but it's understandable to a certain extent: it's not an excellent film, but it will be a good bet for anyone who likes erotic thrillers. The screenplay is based on the lesbian case of two women, who become involved and decide to run away with a large fortune in mafia money, incriminating the mafia boyfriend of one of them. This is a script devoid of any kind of originality and that can only surprise for the lesbian content and the high dose of nudity, because all the violence, the profanity, the strong dialogues, the fast scenes, all of these are elements that we all expected. in a film of this type. The work of the directors is excellent and opened the doors to the “Matrix” franchise, with which they would come to consecrate themselves before falling back into obscurity from which they rarely manage to rise. They managed to insert many nuances of film noir into a strongly erotic plot, including the aesthetics and lighting of several scenes, and the sets, costumes, cinematography and soundtrack are truly good. The two leading actresses are Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly. None of them are great actresses, each of them has had their moments of brilliance in films where they have minor roles, and I don't think they will ever go beyond that. So, what they do here is interesting because they both showed commitment and gave a lot to the project. It doesn't mean they are extraordinarily talented or great actresses. The fact is that they got a good partnership on stage, they have a strong and credible chemistry, and the film builds on top of that effectively. As an actor, Joe Pantoliano is better and gives us the best interpretation of the film, and it's worth seeing the actor working with them.
r96sk wrote:
'Bound' is a fun one! I've always wanted to get this watched since growing up with (the great) Jennifer Tilly via the 'Chucky' franchise and having heard this mentioned on/off down the years, so I'm glad that I have belatedly done so. It's entertaining! I knew of the love stuff and it sure does deliver, though I am surprised it only really happens at the beginning... it makes sense, I just assumed it was gonna be recurring throughout. Tilly and Gina Gershon are excellent together, very strong onscreen chemistry! Like with what I previously mentioned, I was also slightly surprised that Gershon disappears for what felt like a decent chunk of the movie; despite being literally next door. Again, works for the story but would've expected her to be there all the way. Joe Pantoliano stars behind them, ahead of a solid supporting cast. One to watch, which is interestingly The Wachowskis' directorial debut.