Jungle 2 Jungle

The big city is about to get a little savage.

Comedy Family
97 min     5.3     1997     USA


Uptight New York City executive, Michael Cromwell, pursues his soon-to-be ex-wife to South America and returns home with the son he never knew he had -- a boy raised in a tribal village in Brazil. Armed with only his blowgun, the 13-year-old Mimi-Siku discovers that the world outside his jungle home is indeed a strange place.


r96sk wrote:
Everything about this is very meh. I can't say there is anything about 'Jungle 2 Jungle' that I liked or enjoyed, I don't think it is anything overtly terrible but it's just so boring. None of the cast are memorable, the plot is lazy and the pacing is well off. It does attempt heart, though it doesn't hit all that sharply. The performances of Tim Allen (Michael) and Martin Short (Richard) - though not good - at least keep the film away from the depths of awful. I also think Sam Huntington (Mimi) is alright in this. There's also an appearance from Jumba Jookiba himself, David Ogden Stiers. All in all, It's just a very basic and plain live-action production from Disney. The stereotypical 'jokes' don't help its cause, either.