Born in darkness. Sworn to justice.

Action Adventure Fantasy
96 min     5.413     1997     USA


After being murdered by corrupt colleagues in a covert government agency, Al Simmons makes a pact with the devil to be resurrected to see his beloved wife Wanda. In exchange for his return to Earth, Simmons agrees to lead Hell's Army in the destruction of mankind.


GenerationofSwine wrote:
This hurt. Spawn was a really cool character, well, he still is. He was a character for the 90s was really the 90s that killed this movie. It tried really hard to look like the Crow, which was also an unbelievably 90s film, but one that worked well with the look that certain movies in the decade had. Spawn just didn't. It wasn't really suited, it didn't really match and the result was a big...meh. But the thing is, now they are remaking it and...Spawn as a character doesn't really fit today very well either. There is a time and a place for Spawn, and, like Maxx it was the 90s and MTV, but not the big screen and not today either.