City of Angels

She didn't believe in angels until she fell in love with one.

Romance Drama Fantasy
114 min     6.758     1998     Germany


When guardian angel Seth - who invisibly watches over the citizens of Los Angeles - becomes captivated by Maggie, a strong-willed heart surgeon, he ponders trading in his pure, otherworldly existence for a mortal life with his beloved. The couple embarks on a tender but forbidden romance spanning heaven and Earth.


Wuchak wrote:
_**What goes on "behind the scenes"?**_ Released in 1998, "City of Angels" is a drama/fantasy/romance starring Nicolas Cage as a literal angel in Los Angeles named Seth who's assigned to bring the dead to God and other duties. During one of his assignments he meets and becomes intrigued by a surgeon (Meg Ryan) and wonders what it would be like to be human. Andre Braugher is on hand as Seth's angel friend while Dennis Franz plays a human in whom Seth seems to have an affinity. Will Seth "fall to the earth"? I saw this when I was younger and it didn't have much of an impact, although I liked it. Viewing it at an older age definitely heightened my appreciation and shows that this is a movie for mature people (regardless of age). It skillfully touches on heavy issues of which younger people don't particularly dwell. Based on the 1987 Euro film "Wings of Desire," everything depends on if the film can convince the viewer that the angels are real and believable in the context of the story. It does so convincingly with a tone similar to "Meet Joe Black," which was released the same year as "City of Angels" (later); and maybe 1990's "Ghost." If you like these two movies you will definitely appreciate "City." I don't want to say anything more because it's better that you watch the movie and discover its potential riches for yourself. The script is well thought out, although they didn't milk the ending for all its potential, plus it seemed rather rushed, not to mention there are some glaring theological holes. Regardless, this is a nigh spiritual masterpeace. (No, I didn't misspell that). The film runs 114 minutes and was shot in Los Angeles, Malibu, Big Bear Lake, Lake Tahoe and the San Francisco Public Library, California. GRADE: A-/B+
Peter89Spencer wrote:
Everytime I hear Iris by Goo Goo Dolls I'll always think of Nic Cage!