Corpse Bride

The main idea of the cartoon is as simple and old as the world

Animation Drama Family
77 min     7.508     2005     USA


Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride is a stop-motion animated fantasy film based on characters created by Tim Burton and Carlos Grangel. It is the first Burton’s stop-motion feature to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The plot is set in one gloomy, dark and bleak European town of the 19th century. The parents of Victor Van Dort (voice of Johny Depp) and Victoria Everglott (Emily Watson) want their children to marry each other, even though the young people haven’t even met once. Of course, the whole purpose of this arranged marriage is in the money that both families want to get.

After meeting each other for the first time, Victor and Victoria like each other and couldn’t wait until the cherished day when the priest would declare them husband and wife. However, by an absurd accident, Victor becomes the groom of the bride from the world of the dead. Emily, the bride herself, has no intention to let Victor go, and the inhabitants of the afterlife world like him as well.

The young man has no time to think, so he will have to make a difficult choice between a prim existence in the world of the living and a world of the dead, which is full of new experiences.

In Corpse Bride, the great and terrible Tim Burton masterfully breaks all stereotypes about life after death, making it not only fun and colorful but also much more exciting than the human world. Even though it seems that the movie is not that funny at first glance, it will definitely make you laugh along the way and ponder how someone could create such a masterpiece with the help of dolls.

Of course, apart from cheerful songs and jokes, Corpse Bride is also full of dramatic and tense moments. And the main idea of the cartoon is as simple and old as the world – that you need to keep your word, that evil will be punished sooner or later, and that if you have already lost your happiness once, then you should not prevent others from finding it.
In general, Corpse Bride is a fantastic animated movie that amazes viewers with a variety of colors and provides an hour of pure delight that will be very difficult to forget.