A Fistful of Fingers

The greatest western ever made...in Somerset.

Comedy Western
78 min     5.9     1995     United Kingdom


Follow the exploits of taciturn hero No Name and his stereotypical Indian side-kick Running Sore as they search for the nefarious villain The Squint.


r96sk wrote:
Edgar Wright's first film is... not good, pretty bad in fact. 'A Fistful of Fingers' does work in small doses, though all in all it's rather limp. The early stages, the opening 25 minutes or so, are solid if hit-and-miss, unfortunately the rest is heavy in the miss department. There are some mildly amusing bits, the Clint Eastwood/'A Fistful of Dollars' schtick is decent but quickly runs dry. There isn't much to talk about regarding the cast, they give alright performances I guess - Graham Low sticks out most, as you'd expect. The film coulda done without the Native American stuff, which is not only lazy and rather unsavoury. The, unexpected, animated bit was cool though. The best part of this film? The poster. Noice.