The Chiselers

Hal Roach Studios

62 min     6.667     1931     USA


Having been kicked out by their wives on a wintry night they attempt to smuggle their little dog into an apartment house where dogs are not allowed.


talisencrw wrote:
A unique French re-working of two of Laurel and Hardy's successful short films, 'Be Big!' (in which they get booted out by their wives for avoiding a seaside vacation with them in order to have a wild evening of partying with their friends) and 'Laughing Gravy' (in which now having only each other, they're risking eviction from a boarding house because of a dog, Laughing Gravy, which Laurel has adopted), in order to take advantage of then-burgeoning foreign markets, before dubbing became the modus operandi. From the 10-DVD, 58-film 'Laurel and Hardy: The Essential Collection: The Sound Films of the Hal Roach Studios', which is all fine bread-and-meat for comedy enthusiasts of all ages and of any era.