Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

Disney Television Animation

Family Adventure Animation
72 min     5.5     1998     USA


When news of John Smith's death reaches America, Pocahontas is devastated. She sets off to London with John Rolfe, to meet with the King of England on a diplomatic mission: to create peace and respect between the two great lands. However, Governor Ratcliffe is still around; he wants to return to Jamestown and take over. He will stop at nothing to discredit the young princess.


r96sk wrote:
Marginally a good film. For a sequel, 'Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World' is indeed a fine attempt. I like the story of Pocahontas visiting London and seeing a new place, though the new love story is pretty dull and forced. Irene Bedard is again good, while Billy Zane comes in with a fair performance as John Rolfe; arguably better than Mel Gibson's John Smith. The latter is now voiced by Mel's brother, Donal, funnily enough. The problem when films add another 'good' love interest is that you end up having to force the lead into one direction, most of the time without strong reasoning - that's exactly what happens here unfortunately. I'm sure the story of Pocahontas is again fictionalised just like in the original, but as a film it stands up solidly and I just about enjoyed it.