Dalziel & Pascoe

United Kingdom

Crime Mystery
English     6.286     1996     United Kingdom


British crime drama based on the "Dalziel and Pascoe" series of books by Reginald Hill, set in the fictional Yorkshire town of Wetherton. The unlikely duo of politically incorrect elephant-in-a-china-shop-copper Detective Superintendent Andrew Dalziel (pronounced Dee-ell) and his more sensitive and university educated sidekick Detective Sargent, later Detective Inspector, Peter Pascoe is always on hand to solve the classic murder mystery, while maintaining a down to earth wit and humour.


CinemaSerf wrote:
There were twelve series of this British police drama made by the BBC between 1996 and 2007. These are feature length episodes that sees curmudgeonly Yorkshireman "Supt. Dalziel" (Warren Clark) teamed up with the enthusiastic young "Sgt. Pascoe" (Colin Buchanan) as they investigate a series of murders and similar crimes whilst getting used to each other's quite starkly different techniques and approaches to rules, regulations and policing. It's written using loads of engaging vernacular with "Dalziel" gradually having to get used to his new sidekick as well as his girlfriend/wife "Ellie" (Susannah Corbett) whilst introducing some regular team members - "Wieldy" (David Royal) and "Novello" (Jo-Anne Stockham) - all usually referred to by their nicknames. Guest stars usually feature and the plots move along entertainingly as the pair deliver some well written and characterised, if not very politically correct, investigations that occasionally take a swipe at societal dysfunction and bigotry. Towards the end of the run, though, it does start to focus a little too much on their respective relationship baggage and by the time the series concluded, the theme had become well and truly exhausted. The first five or six runs are well worth a watch if you like characterful detective yarns produced to an high standard with some quirky stories and the whole gamut of subjects covered.