Sound of the Pipe


Drama History
82 min     0     1975     Soviet Union


The novelette was written by I.Huseynov. In the film, the problem of war is viewed from the perspective of love. Almost all of the men of the village are at the battlefront. The women who stayed in the night and day to support their efforts. Children wake up in the middle of the night, crying for bread. All of the villagers feel anxious for the men to return. Mothers are waiting for their sons; wives, for their husbands and children, for their fathers. When Sayali's husband dies at the front, her husband's friend Jabrayil proposes to her. The people of the village are furious. Jabrayil's brothers leave home, convinced that their family has been disgraced. One brother goesw crazy; the other fall ill and dies. The only person who doesn't blame Jabrayil is the "agsaggal" (the wise old man) of the village - Isfandiyar Kishi. In this film, note single sound of weaponry is heard, not are any battle scenes depicted, yet we still witness the inherent tragedy of war.