Dangerous Afternoon

Bryanston Films

59 min     5.667     1961    


The manager of a halfway house for female ex-cons takes action when a blackmailer threatens to expose her secret.


CinemaSerf wrote:
"Miss Frost" (Ruth Dunning), confined to a wheelchair, runs a guest house for ladies who - like her - have a bit of a criminal past. They all rub along well enough, pilfering from each other and generally goading and provoking until their landlady learns that one of her erstwhile associates has been released from Her Majesty's pleasure and is likely to want to come visit! The outwardly vulnerable "Frost" is no pushover and lays a trap... It's quite a disarmingly effective little crime drama this. The supporting cast provide just enough of an amiable smokescreen to facilitate a decent performance from Dunning as the quite ruthless and calculating invalid. The ending is a wee bit contrived but there is quite a confessional with the vicar at the denouement. The production is all pretty basic and it's maybe not got the most alluring of titles for a film, but at just over the hour, I found it quite watchable.