Gone in Sixty Seconds

Ice Cold, Hot Wired.

Action Crime Thriller
118 min     6.384     2000     USA


Upon learning that he has to come out of retirement to steal 50 cars in one night to save his brother Kip's life, former car thief Randall "Memphis" Raines enlists help from a few "boost happy" pals to accomplish a seemingly impossible feat. From countless car chases to relentless cops, the high-octane excitement builds as Randall swerves around more than a few roadblocks to keep Kip alive.


r96sk wrote:
Needed non-stop action. Too much talk, too long a run time. 'Gone in Sixty Seconds' does produce some fun action, but I personally felt an extra notch of thrill was needed with this; especially as it lasts for 118 minutes. Some parts are very ploddy, a shortened run time would've worked wonders. Nicolas Cage is amusing in this, his character Memphis is actually quite goofy. The cast around him are pretty good, with a whole host of familiar names/faces. Angelina Jolie appears as Sway, with Giovanni Ribisi (Kip) and Vinnie Jones (Sphinx) in there too. Christopher Eccleston, meanwhile, makes for a decent bad guy. Good fun, could've been far more entertaining though.
mooney240 wrote:
**Ocean’s Eleven vibes with an endearing ensemble cast and cars instead of casinos.** Gone in 60 Seconds is fun. Plain and simple. This entertaining, high-energy action romp is fueled by Nic Cage in his prime, gorgeous cars, an exceptional cast, and an unencumbered spirit that embraces the cheese. Gone in 60 Seconds immerses its viewers in a world of moral thieves with deep bonds and a strong code. As the movie progresses, discovering more about each character raises the stakes as the audience fears what could happen to these endearing bandits. Even though the plot has plenty of cheese, it’s balanced by the excellent execution and commitment of the cast. Peak Nic Cage makes the whole film sublime and delightful.