Dr. T & the Women

He is overwhelmed by the woman in his life

Comedy Drama Romance
121 min     4.8     2000     USA


A successful Texas gynecologist finds himself amid a bevy of women and their problems – his wife’s breakdown, his daughter's fake marriage, his other daughter’s conspiracy theories, and his secretary’s crush. Craving time for himself, he finds solace in a kind outsider.


xenocast wrote:
After writing three high-praise reviews, I tried to think of the worst movie that I'd ever sat through and this movie came to mind, front and center. I've sat through plenty of "chick flicks" but even by chick flick standards this one is just horrible. (to give this a more modern reference, I rate this one below "The Vow" on the painful to watch scale. If The Vow is a broken femur, Dr. T and the Women is everlasting torment in the 9th circle of Hell.) I try to look for the good in any movie, and I have plenty of low budget favorites as well as many Hollywood, blockbuster favorites. I've actually seen Dr. T. and the Women, movie on people's "Favorites" lists and I scratch my head and the only conclusion I can come up with is that the people that made this movie and actually like this movie are infatuated with Richard Gere and he could just stand in front of a camera doing anything at random for 90 minutes and these persons would have a deep admiration of the film... As a movie there is just nothing here. It is an absolute piece of c. I honestly believe that this movie could cause brain damage. Honestly I generally like Richard Gere movies, be they chick flick or not, but this is just an abomination. And if you absolutely have to see Helen Hunt in a "B" movie checkout Trancers. At least there is no pretense.