The Wedding Planner

His big day is her big problem.

Comedy Romance
103 min     5.934     2001     USA


San Francisco's premiere wedding planner, Mary Fiore is rescued from an accident by the man of her dreams, paediatrician Steve Edison, only to find he is the fiancé of her latest client. As Mary continues making the wedding arrangements, she and Steve are put into a string of uncomfortable situations that force them to face their mutual attraction.


Kamurai wrote:
Underwhelming watch, probably won't watch again, and can't honestly recommend. I think my biggest problems with this are that I can't honestly appreciate Matthew McConaughey or Bridgette Wilson-Sampras despite the quality of their acting: it's like a really well made pie in a flavor you don't like. As much as I like Jennifer Lopez as an actor, we start on the end of a movie I'd rather see with Bree Turner, and I feel like I would have rather seen Judy Greer in the lead, she seems about as Italian as Jennifer Lopez. I understand when the meet-cute is a life-threatening situation where adrenaline causes chemical confusion, but this is sort of a head injury causes an almost "love at first sight" cliche, but mixed with an "unavailable romance" cliche. Once we establish that she loves weddings and it's important to her for some reason, it's a lot of him (not) pursuing her because he's getting married, and her trying to be respectful, but honest. The movie highlights more societal problems for people that can afford big weddings, or, in short, there is more dumb than funny in this. I'm not even going to say this is a bad movie, but it's not impressive, and just not for me.