Summer Catch

Are you game?

Comedy Romance
104 min     5.359     2001     USA


Local boy Ryan Dunne, now a pitcher for Boston College, meets Tenley Parrish, the daughter of a wealthy couple who summer on the Cape. Ryan and Tenley fall in love, much to the chagrin of their families, while Ryan clings to one last hope of being discovered and signed to a pro baseball contract.


Wuchak wrote:
**_Youth antics, baseball and romance with Freddie Prince Jr. and Jessica Biel_** While a Cape Cod baseball prospect with hopes for the Major League lands a gig playing for the Chatham Athletics (Freddie), his potential girlfriend (Biel) is pressured by her pompous father (Bruce Davison) to move to San Francisco and work for a firm. Brian Dennehy plays the no-nonsense coach while Matthew Lillard, Brittany Murphy, Corey Pearson and Wilmer Valderrama play various youths. Fred Ward and Jason Gedrick are on hand as the father and brother of the protagonist. "Summer Catch" (2001) is essentially a baseball version of "Youngblood" (1986), "Varsity Blues" (1999) and "The Program" (1993). It's not as good as "Varsity Blues," but it's arguably superior to "The Program." Sure, it's predictable in some ways, but everything clicks for an entertaining coming-of-age flick: cast, story, acting, locations, cinematography, music and editing. Biel shines on the feminine front in several notable scenes while Beverly D'Angelo still sizzles at 49 years-old in a small role; and Brittany is nothing to sneeze at. I'm at a loss as to why "Summer Catch" is so reviled. The film runs 108 minutes and was shot in Southport, North Carolina. GRADE: B