The Last Man Standing Gets The Kitty.

Comedy Romance
95 min     5.1     2001     USA


College buddies chip in and promise that the group's last unmarried man will collect a cash pot. Seven years later, the kitty is worth $500,000 -- money Michael needs to pay a gambling debt. Problem is, the only other single guy is a hopeless womanizer!


Kamurai wrote:
Decent watch at best, probably won't watch again, and can't recommend. If you are just running out dirt humor comedies, then this might do the trick, but it's definitely lower quality than, say, "American Pie". With some low-tier male actors, and underrating their female stars, this doesn't have the writing or star power to really wow me. Shannon Elizabeth owns every scene she is in, by far the best actor in this, and probably the funniest too. Jamie Lee Pressly is basically reduced to a male fantasy gag. I actually like Jake Busey ("The Frighteners", I'm unsure exactly why), but his character is specifically unlikeable in this, and barely funny with a one-note joke of being a misogynistic asshole. While the has some funny moments, there isn't a lot to this movie other than a lesson against gambling and treating women like consumables.