Six Feet Under

Life is wasted on the living.

English     8.104     2001     USA


A darkly comic look at members of a dysfunctional L.A. family that run a funeral business.  When death is your business, what is your life? For the Fisher family, the world outside of their family-owned funeral home continues to be at least as challenging as--and far less predictable than--the one inside.


spleemail wrote:
the absolute greatest show to ever exist. no other series finale will make you feel more than this one. i felt the entire spectrum of human emotion watching this, and the most heart-wrenching moments shift as i gain more life experience. this series changed me and will continue to do so for years to come
misubisu wrote:
My partner and I have tried three times to watch this series... and each time, we cannot get past about episode 5 or 6 (of season 1). Don't find the character relatable or engaging in any way.