The Majestic

Sometimes your life comes into focus one frame at a time.

Drama Romance
152 min     6.752     2001     USA


Set in 1951, a blacklisted Hollywood writer gets into a car accident, loses his memory and settles down in a small town where he is mistaken for a long-lost son.


GenerationofSwine wrote:
It's time for the Majestic review.... ...RED SCARE!!!! It makes a play at it in the very start of the film. It loudly proclaims that, HEY, WATCH THIS MOVIE, IT'S ABOUT FREE SPEECH AND THE HOLLYWOOD BLACKLIST!!!!! And it does it as loud as it can... ...and then it kind of forgets what the movie is about up until the last 15 minutes. However, the bulk of the movie does seem like the kind of film that would fit in the Hollywood Blacklist Era. The plot, the acting, the setting, all seems to be very much a 1950s feel good movie... ...and then it veers off again and delivers on the 1st Amendment moral to end the film with a light heavy hand...if that makes sense. So, it feels disjointed, but in a way that oddly fits the premise to begin with. Almost as if it is trying to be a movie in a movie, which might have been the point. Watch it once, it will entertain you. Watch it more than once and you'll be bored.