Johnny English

He knows no fear. He knows no danger. He knows nothing.

Adventure Action Comedy
88 min     6.269     2003     United Kingdom


A lowly pencil pusher working for MI7, Johnny English is suddenly promoted to super spy after Agent One is assassinated and every other agent is blown up at his funeral. When a billionaire entrepreneur sponsors the exhibition of the Crown Jewels—and the valuable gems disappear on the opening night and on English's watch—the newly-designated agent must jump into action to find the thief and recover the missing gems.


JPV852 wrote:
Last seen this several years ago, probably when it was released in 2003, and pretty funny thanks to Rowan Atkinson. Not great but makes for a fun watch on a weekend when it's too hot to do anything outside. **3.5/5**
The Movie Mob wrote:
**Johnny English is a dumb, fun, feel-good comedy that perfectly celebrates its spy theme while simultaneously having a good laugh.** Johnny English never fails to make me laugh. I have watched this movie so many times, and every time I laugh like it’s the first time I have seen it. Rowan Atkinson takes his typical goofball character and thrusts him into the serious world of sophistication and espionage, making his ridiculous antics much more hilarious because of the highly dissimilar juxtaposition. Despite bumbling his way through the film, English’s confidence never wanes as he dives into danger again and again, needing the help of his assistant and femme fatale ally to save him from certain doom. Unfortunately, the sequels fail to live up to the excellence of the first installment, never getting the right balance of goofiness and fun. But the original Johnny English film brings it all together, from the stunts to the laughs to the characters. Johnny English might not be a master spy, but he is a master entertainer.