The Country Bears

It's A Bear Getting The Family Together!

Adventure Comedy Family
88 min     4.822     2002     USA


For Beary Barrington, The Country Bears' young #1 fan, fitting in with his all-too-human family is proving im-paws-ible. When he runs away to find Country Bear Hall and his heroes, he discovers the venue that made them famous is near foreclosure. Beary hightails it over the river and through the woods to get the Bears in the Band back together for an all-out reunion concert to save Country Bear Hall.


r96sk wrote:
Wow, that was an excruciating watch. From literally the first few seconds you know where 'The Country Bears' is going, both with the plot but also with the concept of the bears themselves. That's if you didn't already guess from the poster. As always I try to find the positive parts: ... ... Yeah. If I was forced to pick something, it would be one or two of the songs which are not horrid; there's also a notable cameo from an English musician, I guess that's one? As you can tell, it's not good at all. On the contrary, where to start with the negatives?! The bears. Having people in costumes is always a bad idea, it cheapens everything else around it. They have little or no emotion, so it's impossible to feel attached to the characters. The dub-like audio for them, and other parts of film, is very poor. No-one stands out in the cast, with the exception of Christopher Walken (Reed) - but that's only because of Walken's fame, not his role in this. The premise is so predictable and lazy, they don't even attempt to throw you off the scent - instead trying to force a heartwarming story, which doesn't land whatsoever. I, no matter what, always feel 1* is harsh, but this deserves it. Of the 1,106 films I've currently seen, this is just the fifth time a film has scored this low with me. Truly dreadful.