The Recruit

Trust. Betrayal. Deception. In the C.I.A. nothing is what it seems.

Action Thriller
115 min     6.334     2003     USA


A brilliant CIA trainee must prove his worth at the Farm, the agency's secret training grounds, where he learns to watch his back and trust no one.


JPV852 wrote:
Second time seeing this one, the other was when it was released on DVD some time ago, and thought it was an okay espionage-thriller, though the ending was on the laughable side, primarily the monologue one character does when any CIA agent, bent or not, would've shut their trap shut. Anyway, it was entertaining and actually if Disney (who I think owns the rights) wanted more adult-oriented content for Hulu, could make a series out of this, would be timely IMO. At this point, they could get Farrell to make a cameo... **3.25/5**