The Chronicles of Riddick

All the power in the universe can't change destiny

Action Science Fiction
119 min     6.5     2004     USA


After years of outrunning ruthless bounty hunters, escaped convict Riddick suddenly finds himself caught between opposing forces in a fight for the future of the human race. Now, waging incredible battles on fantastic and deadly worlds, this lone, reluctant hero will emerge as humanity's champion - and the last hope for a universe on the edge of annihilation.


markuspm wrote:
The movie could be about anything and I would like it. It is Vin Diesel!!
Gimly wrote:
It's hard for me to say that _The Chronicles of Riddick_ is **good**. Especially taking into the stunning origin it has in _Pitch Black_. But it tries really hard. It tries to be good, it tries to be original, it tries to appeal to so many disparate groups, it tries to go in a completely new direction. This trying mostly translates to failure, and I guess I can see that, but _Chronicles of Riddick_ still had such a massive impact on me, that I still have to recommend it. _"Threshold! Take us to the Threshold!"_ _Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._