Tarzan & Jane

Two Worlds - One New Adventure!

Animation Family
75 min     6     2002     USA


Sprightly amusement for kids of all ages, Disney's direct-to-video sequel to its animated hit sandwiches jungle derring-do and lots of silly sight gags between song and dance number. With the first anniversary of her wedding to Tarzan (voice of Michael T. Weiss) beckoning, Jane (Olivia D'Abo) ponders how to make it the perfect English celebration


r96sk wrote:
Excruciatingly bad. 'Tarzan & Jane' is a rather terrible excuse for a sequel, as it shoehorns in three separate stories which have nothing to do with the first film and add absolutely zero to it. Awful new characters, average animation, disappointing new cast and nowhere near noteworthy music. They made it poorer in every way. I can now understand why they titled the third film as 'Tarzan II', probably trying to airbrush this from existence. I'm struggling to find a positive about this film, perhaps the two seconds of Phil Collins' original music at the very beginning? Of the three stories, I guess the final one is best? I'm scraping the barrel.