Big Fish

Big Fish is replete with special effects

Adventure Drama Fantasy
125 min     7.8     2003     USA


Big Fish is a fantasy drama film directed by Tim Burton and based on the novel of the same name written by Daniel Wallace. Starring Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney as Edward Bloom, the movie tells the story of a son who is trying to determine the facts from fiction in the life of his dying father.

This is Tim Burton’s second film about dreamers who come up with unbelievable stories. Like Ed Wood, it is a realistic movie. But, at the same time, like in any Burton’s film, there is magic in it. In Hollywood, special effects are responsible for the magic. Big Fish is replete with special effects, but they do not destroy the realistic canvas of the movie and serve only to illustrate the stories told by the heroes.

The picture shows the conflict of generations. Young Will Bloom, a professional story writer, cannot understand his father, who embellishes every moment of his life for no reason.

This is a film about the triumph of fantasy over the gray routine. Big Fish makes you think about many things. Firstly, life's path is thorny, and in order to get something really worthwhile, you sometimes have to go through an unprecedented difficult path. Secondly, you need to perceive life as colorful, and then it will be so. Thirdly, the film shows that you must always achieve your goals, even if it seems that all the doors are closed. Always find strength to go and push those doors.


JPV852 wrote:
First time seeing this since probably 2003 in theaters and it's absolutely heartfelt and charming, probably one of Tim Burton's best films, or at least one of my personal favorites of his. Great performances all around but especially Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney. Really well done. **4.5/5**