Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

She's making a scene over everything.

89 min     5.6     2004     Germany


Lola is an ambitious teenager who aspires to be a famous stage actress, but ger dream of performing on Broadway suffers a setback when her family moves from New York City to suburban New Jersey. Determined to make the best of it, however, Lola embarks on a mission to become the most popular girl at her high school, a goal that sets her on a collision course with the catty Carla Santini.


Kamurai wrote:
Decent watch, might watch again, and can recommend. Ultimately this movie is fun: cheap teen girl drama fun, but fun. Lindsey Lohan has some competent cast to share the load in this, particularly Alison Pill (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Cooties), an under rated actress, and Megan Fox (Jennifer's Body) playing the Rachel McAdams (Meangirls) of the movie. I understand that location shooting can get expensive, but the movie looks over all well produced, and while the premise is rather annoying, the writing looks fairly solid, if character driven: not a bad thing, but it usually makes for more interesting tidbits as opposed to an epic a plot line, which was....different depending upon what angle you take. There are good technical things, great character things, and decent story things here: it's not a bad movie, it's just not one I'm going to tell you to go see over so many other titles.
r96sk wrote:
I actually quite liked it for the first half, but by time the credits arrived I was very much awaiting the end. 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen' has a few things going in its favour. Lindsay Lohan is very good, she definitely makes her character more interesting than she probably would've been without Lohan. You also have Megan Fox in her first sizeable film role, it's actually kinda odd seeing those two together onscreen for some reason. Away from them, I enjoyed the editing and cinematography for the most part. I'm not saying it's anything insane or memorable but it's better than I would've predicted. The premise isn't the most clearly defined, at least in terms of its execution; it starts to drag from the midway point. It hits a fair amount of clichés too, though does avoid a few also; Lola (Lohan) doesn't instantly befriend Carla (Fox), for one. Nothing dreadful, it just got boring as it went on; despite a low run time of 89 minutes. Lohan the star.