175 min     0     1994     Russia


Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's dazzling opera by-line in seven tableaux. The epic journey of Sadko a sea-faring minstrel from Novgorod, his wife Libava and their encounters with Volkhova, a sea Princess and the court of her parents the Tsar and Tsarina of the Sea. Sadko traveling on his ship "Falcon" also meets visiting foreign merchants from India (a Hindu), Scandinavia (a Varangian) and Italy (a Venetian) singing of the magic of their own lands to try and lure him. In the seventh tableaux Sadko is reunited with his wife, thinking his journey a dream, until he sees his fleet of ships coming up the newly created river Volkhova and realizes his sea Princess has transformed herself into the river in order to create the gateway to the ocean for Novgorod. In conclusion Sadko leads the hymn of praise and everyone rejoices their good fortune.