Chopper Wars

The Real Pilots... The Real Story!

Documentary War
57 min     0     1988    


Fly low, blasting everything in front of you to pieces was one version. The other was send light helos, like the Loach, teamed up with two gunships. Together known as "Pink Teams" they would fly low trying to draw enemy fire. When the V.C. opened up, the gunships would strike quickly with rockets and machine guns. The tactic known as Recon by Fire is just one of the operations you will experience firsthand in "CHOPPER WARS." It is a story about one of the most devastating weapons used in the Vietnam War, the Viet Cong's worst nightmare--the helicopter. "To the grunts, they were a godsend--to the enemy they were beasts from Hell--the "CHOPPERS!" -insane copy from the back of the VHS box.