After the Sunset

Who will walk away?

Action Comedy Crime
97 min     6.159     2004     USA


An FBI agent is suspicious of two master thieves, quietly enjoying their retirement near what may - or may not - be the biggest score of their careers.


mooney240 wrote:
**After the Sunset is an entertaining hidden gem of a heist film that shouldn't stay locked away.** After the Sunset is a con within a heist within a heist all wrapped up inside of a buddy movie. Instead of a buddy cop movie, we have a thief and the FBI agent trying to catch him as a fun, odd couple-type friendship. With a surprising all-star cast, including an early in her career Naomi Harris, After the Sunset dazzles with beautiful set pieces, exciting and intelligent robberies, smooth and charming performances, and twists and turns you won't see coming. Brosnan and Harrelson's chemistry as frenemies is fun and entertaining, while Hayek's Lola is a cool, strong, skilled partner that tries to ground Brosnan's insatiable desire for the next big heist. After the Sunset is a fun and excellent exploration of what happens to the thief that gets away.