Broncho Billy's Pal

The Essanay Film Manufacturing Company

English     0     1912     USA


Tom Shelby and Broncho Billy, partners on a small cattle ranch, and life-long pals, are stalwart young fellows and true sons of the west. Tom falls in love with Vedah Craig, daughter of the county sheriff, proudly tells Broncho of her, shows him the ring, goes to the Craig house, and puts the ring on Vedah's finger with the consent of her father. Rushing back to the ranch house Tom tells Broncho the good news and Broncho congratulates him warmly. That night a dance is held in the town hall. At the height of the merriment Quick-Draw Kelly, a notorious gun-man, and all-around ruffian, enters the hall with leveled gun and boisterously orders them all out. Fearing his deadly gun the hall is quickly cleared, then the enraged punchers summon Sheriff Craig, who is severely wounded in the arm by Kelly. The ruffian escapes and Craig now endeavors to send deputies after him, but all are afraid of Kelly's quick shooting and refuse to go in pursuit.