Corner Gas

Forty kilometres from nowhere and way beyond normal.

English     7.919     2004     Belgium


Following the adventures of a bunch of nobodies who get up to a whole lot of nothing in the fictional prairie town of Dog River, Saskatchewan, Corner Gas focuses on the life (or lack thereof) of Brent LeRoy, proprietor of a gas station that is the only stop for miles around and a hub of action on the Prairies.


Peter McGinn wrote:
Corner Gas is a Canadian sitcom that we only discovered many years ago because we were paying for Canadian satellite tv. I suppose it is a sort of Canadian Seinfeld: it isn’t really about anything, just following the interactions of characters in a rural town and the mischief, often silly, they get up to. The writing didn’t seem as strong and consistent as some sitcoms, such as Frasier in the U.S. Every once in a while an episode seems like a bit of a clunker. But I got so I enjoyed the offbeat characters so much I didn’t mind if it got a little silly or predictable at times. It is refreshingly offbeat. There is one bit that never got old for me, when someone would mention the name of a neighboring and rival town, and everyone would spit on the ground. It had a good long run, and then they made a stand alone movie later on.