Bad News Bears

The bases are loaded... so is the coach.

113 min     5.881     2005     USA


Morris Buttermaker is a burned-out minor league baseball player who loves to drink and can't keep his hands to himself. His long-suffering lawyer arranges for him to manage a local Little League team, and Buttermaker soon finds himself the head of a rag-tag group of misfit players. Through unconventional team-building exercises and his offbeat coaching style, Buttermaker helps his hapless Bears prepare to meet their rivals, the Yankees.


Kamurai wrote:
Decent watch, probably won't watch again, and can recommend. I'm not a fan of baseball on any level, but this is a surprisingly charming movie, and Billy Bob Thorton is great with inappropriate humor. After this watch, I'm thinking this is from where "Benchwarmers" might have been inspired. I think it's more of the "misfits working together" trope that gets me, and you see it in lots of kids sports movies: "Kicking & Screaming", "The Sandlot", "Little Giants", "Mighty Ducks". This rolls in a lot of adult humor as well, so while you might have to have a few talks with your kids (which you should have had before watching a movie that would unexpectedly prompt them), but I think it's a movie that the whole family could actually watch. It's not great, but it was fun.