Blades of Glory

Kick Some Ice

93 min     6.102     2007     USA


When a much-publicized ice-skating scandal strips them of their gold medals, two world-class athletes skirt their way back onto the ice via a loophole that allows them to compete together as a pairs team.


Kamurai wrote:
Frustrating watch, won't watch again, and can't recommend. This might be one of the stupidest movie concepts I've ever watched. Not to mention its routed slightly in homophobia which seems like they're doubling down on a problem that men's figure skating is already dealing with. I'm not into skating, but I can't imagine anyone who is into skating is going to be excited or enjoy the jokes at their expense, so I'm a little lost at who the audience is for this unless it's "people that hate figure skating" and I don't see them watching a figure skating movie. A lot of the jokes just fall flat, and it's not like they don't know who to structure jokes throughout the story: the villains actually have a well constructed arc, just not a great quality to it. The characters are mostly unlikable and chaotic, the movie is literally telling them to stop it for half the movie, and by the time it stops I don't care what the characters do until the end. The best bit was the romantic story arc which was heavily polluted by the rest of the story.