Nacho Libre

He's not lean. He's not mean. He's nacho average hero.

Comedy Family
92 min     6.347     2006     USA


Nacho Libre is loosely based on the story of Fray Tormenta ("Friar Storm"), aka Rev. Sergio Gutierrez Benitez, a real-life Mexican Catholic priest who had a 23-year career as a masked luchador. He competed in order to support the orphanage he directed.


r96sk wrote:
Not as fun as I expected it to be. 'Nacho Libre' does do some things well, Jack Black is good and the wrestling scenes are mostly nicely done. However, I didn't really dig the rest of it - whether it be the laughter lacking humour, or the uninteresting story with the orphanage. It is at least a relatively short flick, but it isn't one I'd be in a rush to rewatch.