Chaos Theory

This man will bring order to the universe...or not.

87 min     6.2     2008     USA


Frank Allen, a professional speaker who lectures on time management has a perfectly ordered and scheduled life, down to the minute. When his wife sets his clock forward 10 minutes as a joke, his day is thrown off. Deciding that his strictly ordered life has done him little good, he begins to make multiple choice index cards, choosing one at random and doing what is written on the card.


Kamurai wrote:
Great watch, will watch again, and do recommend. There is nothing like watching a good actor pretending to lose their mind, and Ryan Reynolds is a great actor, as far as I'm concerned. While I actually like both sides of his personality dilemma, the story is actually written in a way that you can feel bad for him, and he becomes humanized through it. I don't think the wife character is a bad person, but she's written in a way that makes the situation understandable. The whole movie has a thick atmosphere to it, it draws you in, and I forget I'm watching a movie for quite a bit of it. It might seem a bit contrived, but the story is masterful in a very unique, chaotic way.