The Foot Fist Way

The story of a man who teaches people how to kick other people in the face

83 min     5.836     2006     USA


An inept taekwondo instructor struggles with marital troubles and an unhealthy obsession with fellow taekwondo enthusiast Chuck "The Truck" Williams.


Kamurai wrote:
Bad watch, won't watch again, and can't recommend unless you're a die hard Danny McBride fan. This was clearly meant to be McBride's attempt at "The Art of Self-Defense" (fantastic movie). I feel like he felt he was obligated to one-up Michael Cera, and then after he made it realized it was Jesse Eisenberg. Unfortunately, Danny McBride has 1 character he plays, himself, and he can actually do quite a lot with it, but if you like that character then you'll like this character. I do like that he actual does some actual martial arts / fighting in this, but it is outweighed with obnoxiousness, bullying children, and a complete waste of Collette Wolfe.