Little Einsteins

Disney Television Animation

Animation Family Kids
English     7.1     2005     USA


A group of musically gifted and ethnically diverse children travel around the world in an artificially intelligent rocket named Rocket.


Desman wrote:
Such an animated classic for Disney and its TV Providers. It takes Dora the Explorer to a whole new level. Unlike Dora, the cast of children (Annie, Leonardo, Quincy, and June) take children on adventures to teach about classical art and music. Dora the Explorer was a fine show but she would constantly ask the viewers questions, stare at them for 2 minutes, and carry along her way. Little Einsteins interacts with the viewers and does not ask them for everything. The Little Einsteins don't ask where the beach is while standing in the sand like Dora, they usually are not staring at the item they are looking for unlike the exploring girl. The characters consists of 4-neckless toddlers. Leonardo is the eldest of the group. He is the leader of the team the show is named after, the conductor of music, and the pilot of Rocket. Leo is the older brother to Annie. Annie is the talented 4 year old singer. She will make a jingle and sing each episode. She has a personality that would make you want to jump into the screen and hug her. Beside Annie the other female character is June. June is the second eldest being the same age of Leo (6). June uses dancing to help the cast of characters around the day. Quincy is the young African-American boy who can play any instrument you hand him. Such diversity is given in such a nice animated series. Rocket: Rocket is the Little Einsteins friend who take them everywhere to go. He is needed to be powered up by the cast and the viewer patting and interacting with the characters. They all can understand Rocket when he speaks as he has the sound of an instrument. Animation: The shows animation is very nice coming from 2004-2007 (production time of the show). The lead of characters was animated in Flash while the CGI objects (Such as Rocket, Big-Jet, and Melody) were animated in other animation studios. Music: The soundtrack in this series is wonderful, the choice of classical music is outstanding giving the series more adventure than its competitors. The introduction song (by Billy Straus) features an orchestra which is an amazing way to go for an animated series instead of computer generated music today shows have. Reviews: My review has been from heart; a bunch of these other various reviews are for jokes, hate, or just for fun and it can be taken as legit. Some negative reviews can be fine but some positive such as "With this show I can drop out of school" is just foolishness. This show was created for pre-schoolers and not for anime-loving teenagers who have took out time to leave spam worthy reviews that lead parents off the point. Disney's Little Einsteins is an amazing series which deserves better than what it got. 1. > 100/10 Best Disney Show ~Spuffy