What's Your Number?

Ally's looking for the best ex of her life.

106 min     6.5     2011     USA


Ally Darling is realizing she's a little lost in life. Her latest romance has just fizzled out, and she's just been fired from her marketing job. Then she reads an eye-opening magazine article that warns that 96 percent of women who've been with 20 or more lovers are unlikely to find a husband. Determined to turn her life around and prove the article wrong, Ally embarks on a mission to find the perfect mate from among her numerous ex-boyfriends.


Kamurai wrote:
Really good watch, would watch again, and can recommend. A good sex / romance based humor from the feminine perspective, almost like "Bad Moms" without kids, but one single lady. To set a low bar of expectations, imagine most of the comedians you don't want to picture having sex, and Chris Pratt in a fat suit, and that's most of the dirty humor in the movie. It's surprisingly charming with Anna Faris and Chris Evans (Captain America, but really, Johnny Storm) helping each other with their conspiracies, and instead better there lives. Yes, its the cheesy crap that rom-coms get made fun of for doing (even in this movie, I think), but it does it pretty well, it's funny, and deals with a concept that looks like an extension of the sequence in "Just My Luck" where she has to hunt down and kiss some dancers. It's a stupid concept but it's fun and maybe I just like Anna Faris, but she carries the movie and when something is done well, I typically enjoy it.