The Signal

Do you have the crazy?

Horror Science Fiction Thriller
103 min     5.872     2008     USA


A horror film told in three parts, from three perspectives, in which a mysterious transmission that turns people into killers invades every cell phone, radio, and television.


bigbassdrum wrote:
The Signal addresses the ills caused in our world by the mainstream media, governments and corporations controlling people through fear; playing people off against each other as a smoke screen to the truth and as a tactic to diminish opposition to a world elite with a fascist agenda, manufacturing people's consent to nefarious actions. The signal beams through TVs and radios, causing fear and paranoia. Almost no-one is truly sure of anyone else or their motives. Fear, leading to hate, anger and violence. The true horror of this film is that it is an accurate take on our world, only amplified to make its point. However, The Signal is not merely a bleak film with no answers to the horrors expressed. It provides hope and shows that love, support and trust are a remedy to the induced madness; a shared psychosis based on brainwashing. It makes the case well for community over individualism, solidarity, substance over style, questioning, understanding, and hope instead of hate. It does this through characters and situations that, although amplified, are poignant and credible reflections of our own societies. If you like thoughtful horror films which make important points rather than the sheer pointless butchery of films like Saw, I highly recommend pulling the aerial out of the back of the TV and watching The Signal.