The Brothers Solomon

They want to put a baby in you.

93 min     4.977     2007     USA


A pair of well-meaning, but socially inept brothers try to find their perfect mates in order to provide their dying father with a grandchild.


CRCulver wrote:
In The Brothers Solomon, John (Will Forte) and Dean (Will Arnett) are two siblings brought up isolated in the Arctic by their widower father (Lee Majors). Returning to civilization as adults, they are baffled by the dating scene. Hilarity is meant to ensue when their father lapses into a coma and they decide to fulfill his dream of a grandchild before it is too late. Unfortunately, The Brothers Solomon is one of the most notable bombs of the last few years, and you're unlikely to find it a worthwhile experience. The camaraderie between the two brothers is similar to DUMB AND DUMBER, but laughs are even fewer. The maturity level here is so low--among the sparse gags is a lot of bathroom humour – that one might believe this film intended for a less than adult audience, but any plot where artificial insemination has a key doesn't seem likely to target a young demographic. I got this movie because I enjoyed Will Arnett's work on Arrested Development and in an infamous Human Giant sketch where he plays a hyperbolic pervert ultimately killed by a sex machine. His acting here is similar to Arrested Development, and may not be all that great, but he's so much better than Will Forte, one of the most unversatile and unlikeable comedians ever cast on Saturday Night Live. Just as the first film adaption of the Fantastic Four, the low-budget production of 1994, was made only to keep a hold on the rights and was never intended to be seen, I really wonder if The Brothers Solomon was produced to give some secret boost to the parties involved even if it were a box office flop.