A new level of terror.

Horror Thriller
98 min     6.17     2007     USA


A businesswoman finds herself locked with a unhinged security guard in a parking garage after getting stuck working late on Christmas Eve.


mooney240 wrote:
**P2 isn’t unique, but its outstanding lead, Christmas charm, and smart decisions make it a well-done and entertaining thriller.** P2 might be a straightforward kidnapping thriller, but with a female lead that makes smart survival decisions and surprisingly strong performances for a B slasher flick, P2 is a solid suspense film that genre fans can use to celebrate the holidays. Rachel Nichols delivers a performance that makes her terror and resolve feel genuine and convincing and adds some realism to the film. So much better than what you would expect in a low-budget horror movie. Watching her character develop from panicked to decisive and strong is a major film highlight. Wes Bentley’s villain is crazed, creepy, and unpredictable, keeping the audience guessing whether he will try to romance or murder his victim. P2 is a simple low-budget thriller that might not be award-worthy but still entertains anyone looking for a different type of Christmas movie.