The history of the creation of the fundamental work of Charles Darwin

Biography Drama Science
108 min     6.4     2009     United Kingdom


In the middle of the 19th century, the English naturalist Charles Darwin published his paper called On the Origin of Species, which can question God's existence. The revolutionary theory of evolution not only confronts the scientist with society, but also destroys the relationship with his devout wife, Emma.

Creation is the story of Charles Darwin and his struggle to wrote a monumental book about evolution. The story focuses on the marriage of Charles and his wife Emma, who are complete opposites. While Emma is a strong believer in God, Charles believes that nature was created by itself millions of years ago.

The history of the creation of the fundamental work of Charles Darwin seems detailed, but in fact, the movie tells nothing new either about Darwin or his theory. It only tells us that Darwin's health was poor, and he was treated with water procedures. However, his illnesses had a rather hysterical background. His wife did not approve of her husband's revolutionary theories that questioned God's role in the creation process.

As a result, the scientist experienced a cruel emotional struggle between the pursuit of scientific truth, on the one hand, and peace of mind in the family, on the other.

Creation, in general, is a beautifully made, poignant movie that is very emotionally moving. The fact that the film is so well done is what makes it very dangerous.