Mare of Easttown

All truths come to light.

Crime Drama Mystery
English     8.1     2021     USA


A detective in a small Pennsylvania town investigates a local murder while trying to keep her life from falling apart.


Peter McGinn wrote:
This police detective drama series drew me in and kept me coming back for more, in spite of itself. I say that because this series borrows heavily from one police drama cliche after another. Police detective characters are often obsessed with their cases and take their work home with them: Check. The detectives often totally screw up their homes lives and relationships: Check. The detectives are likely to continue working on their cases if their boss orders them to step back, and they never call in backup help before walking into a dangerous situation: Check and Check. Still I was totally engaged with the series. Why? Let’s see: the writing is very strong; the ensemble cast performs well most of the time; and for a change, this stereotypical detective is a woman; plus they blend a couple of cases together to give the story complexity and depth. All of these positives covered up a couple of lapses I saw, which I won’t point out here, not wanting to give anything away. This is the second recent role I have seen Kate Winslet in where she disappears into her character. She was excellent in Ammonite as an unusual archaeologist. No clinging to romantic leads for Winslet; she is now what I would describe as a leading lady/character actor. It ages well. I recommend Mare of Easttown highly and I hope if they make a second series, they show enough confidence to move beyond the police detective cliches.