Powder Blue

Every life has a breaking point

106 min     6.1     2009     USA


On the gritty streets of LA, the destinies of four people desperate for connection and redemption are about to collide.


Unknownian wrote:
The most depressing miserable movie of the 21st century. This may be the most unnecessary movie ever filmed. If you've ever contemplated suicide, but were too chicken to pull it off, watch this movie the next time you're thinking about it, and we'll never hear from you again. I have no idea how this disaster ever got green lit. The Los Angeles that is contrived in this film is one I hope no one ever experiences. Yes, life begins, then it ends for all of us. Some have a happier, longer version of life than others. Most of us go to the theater to avoid that reality, not embrace it. Why Hollywood would green-light a script detailing the absolute worst scenarios of human suffering, and film it in depressing film stock and filters to further enhance the most morbid elements of life, I just don't understand. If I could rate this a -5, I would; it's that bad. Unless you love EXTREME depression: AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE.