John Wick: Chapter 4

No way back. One way out.

Action Thriller Crime
169 min     8.164     2023     USA


With the price on his head ever increasing, John Wick uncovers a path to defeating The High Table. But before he can earn his freedom, Wick must face off against a new enemy with powerful alliances across the globe and forces that turn old friends into foes.


thealanfrench wrote:
Check out the full spoiler free review at Sunshine State Cineplex. John Wick: Chapter 4 might be a little long, but when it is fun, there are few films that can compete with its magnetism. Reeves shows why he’s one of the best genre actors in the world and pours his heart and soul into a soft-spoken performance. Combined with Stahelski’s fight sequences, this is sure to become a highly rewatched, often quoted classic.
romang wrote:
Good movie!
mooney240 wrote:
**John Wick: Chapter 4 is at the peak of action cinema and fight choreography. What the film lacks in story is dramatically overcome with the most stunning action set pieces ever seen.** John Wick: Chapter 4 is an overwhelming feast of action brilliance! For the entire 2.5-hour runtime, this movie transitions from weapon to weapon, set piece to set piece, and spectacle to spectacle topping anything ever seen. The fight sequences never stop, and their beauty and intricacies drop jaw while breaking jaw. From the scene with the nunchucks to swords to shotguns to hatchets to hand-to-hand - among the greatest, if not the pinnacle, of action choreography. The cinematography creatively showcases each scene and battle, painting the action in bright colors and finding clever angles to keep the action fresh and engaging. As always, Reeves is incredible in the role, but the supporting cast of martial artists helps make this film what it is with experienced actors like Hiroyuki Sanada and Scott Adkins. But the absolute standout is Donnie Yen; his speed and skill are breathtaking as he steals every scene he is in. Unfortunately, despite all of its stunning brilliance, the story takes a lot of shortcuts to wrap up John Wick’s story, which disappoints a little. The method to end it all seems like something that would have been mentioned several movies ago. But honestly, who cares? We don’t go to a John Wick movie for a deep story. We go for the martial arts and gun-fu, and John Wick: Chapter 4 delivers an unparalleled masterpiece of violence.
CinemaSerf wrote:
Now this is an whole lot better than "John Wick - Paracetamol" (2019) but it is still not very good. This time our wandering warrior (Keanu Reeves) is out for revenge, but not before the all-powerful "Marquis" (Bill Skarsgård), who has managed to get those at the "High Table" to give him complete control of their global operations, decides to seek some of his own - and that includes trashing the New York hotel and putting "Winston" (Ian McShane) out of an home and a job. A rather unnecessary, and fatal, side effect of that activity put's his nose out of joint too; and when the "Marquis" turns his attention on Osaka - possibly the last bastion of support for "Wick", we just know that we are in for a series of never-ending hand-to-hand fisticuffs that are straight out of a video game. Indeed, for almost all of the action sequences here the whole point seems to be: kill as many of the useless, hapless - but heavily armed - enemy as you can whilst perhaps bleeding a little from the mouth now and again. Use your finely tailored Kevlar®️ suit to deflect bullets, blades, flames - just about everything as you, inevitably, survive against constantly insurmountable odds for well over 2½ hours before a denouement that is, admittedly, quite quirky. That involves a sort of Sacre-Coeur version of snakes and ladders but again, luckily, against innumerable would-be assassins who couldn't hit a barn door with an Howitzer at point blank range. Skarsgård isn't remotely menacing - like a poor "James Bond" villain in a perfectly measured suit, Laurence Fishburne features only sparingly and the whole thing has as much jeopardy as the 'Wizard of Oz" (1939). Reeves does not act here, he performs - and the profusion of CGI, the complete lack of any police or domestic military in Japan, Paris or New York to address the increasingly chaotic and damaging carnage being caused in these locations all just wanted me to start shouting "thwack" and "pow" at the screen. There is a delightful twist at the end, but it's a very long time in the coming and to be perfectly honest, I was just a bit bored. I've never really been in love with this franchise, it's all too repetitive and predictable - and sadly, this is just the same.
MSB wrote:
FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ "John Wick: Chapter 4 concludes the game-changing saga with a relentless, ruthless action masterclass that ultimately justifies its epic length. The jaw-dropping stunts deserve the "some of the best ever" hyperbole, and the supporting cast holds brilliant additions - Donnie Yen and the dog are my MVPs. By far, the most visually striking film of all, boasting colorful cinematography that reflects the characters' spirits. Still, the importance of lighting and camera work in the spectacular action set pieces is truly impressive - THAT sequence shot from above is an all-timer. Original remains supreme, nonetheless." Rating: A-
EthicalAndroid wrote:
John Wick: Chapter 4 Screenplay: John Wick movies didn't pay much attention to the script, except for the first movie. This movie gave more importance to the script than the last 2 movies. Since the duration is long, they have processed each character beautifully. The script isn't at the forefront, though. Acting: Actors in the movie have already proven themselves. It was all very good. Music: It was nice to hear the music from the old movies too. However, there was also new music. Every music was suitable for the stage and very good. Action: Although there were exaggerated scenes about action, it was better than all the first 3 movies. In particular, there is an action scene shot from the top. That scene is one of the best I've ever seen in the cinema. You enjoy each scene of the action separately. You have trouble sitting in the chair. Movie Duration: Even though the movie is long, you never notice it. It was a very moving movie. Overall: This movie is definitely worth watching. It might be the best movie of the series.