The beginning of one thing can be the rest of everything.

English     8.989     2022     United Kingdom


Teens Charlie and Nick discover their unlikely friendship might be something more as they navigate school and young love in this coming-of-age series.


Manoloz_33 wrote:
When i saw the people on social media talking about Heartstopper the first though that came to my mind was ooh another gay teen show *rolling eyes*, but i could never have imagined the story that i was going to find. Since the beginning of the show the chemistry between Nick and Charlie was amazing, the looks, their body language, how they develop their friendship and also the little animation details that give the scenes a whimsical touch, all of this it didn´t felt rushed and you get to experience all of the emotions of both sides. When the story unfolds and you get to see how their love grows, it will warm your heart and at least in my case, was mixed with a lot of nostalgia because growing up as a gay teen my experience was filled with so much hiding, embarrassment, loneliness because i only had relationships based exclusively on the physical devoid of meaningful feelings, that why this series is so moving for me and I feel we rarely get to see this version of gay teen love, focused on romance and even idealized but in a uplifting way; I definitely prefer this idealized way than the fetichized way most of queer teen stories are depicted in series. Also, the other characters bring so much to the plot and get their spotlight, the soundtrack is amazingly selected, beautifully timed to complement what´s happening in the scene. I highly recommend everyone to watch this series, just ordered the graphic novels, can wait to read them!