Hubie Halloween

The delicatessen worker who loves Halloween, who must save Salem's town

Comedy Mystery Horror
103 min     5.929     2020     USA


Hubie Halloween is an American comedy horror film in a big deal between Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions and Netflix. The film tells the story of a strange guy Hubie Dubois, who lives in Salem, Massachusetts. Hubie, played by Adam Sendler, winner of three and nominated for eleven Golden Raspberry Awards. His character is acutely reactive to everything around, easily frightened, and reports to the police about the slightest violation or suspicion of a violation. He is not liked in the city. Both adults and children cruelly mock him; they scare him, make fun of him. But Hubie treats everything with a smile and quickly forgives his offenders. Every Halloween, Hubie works as Halloween Monitor. But this Halloween, something really weird is happening on the streets of Salem, and Hubie must save Salem.

Adam Sendler is not famous for serious films, so you should not expect anything extraordinary from Hubie Halloween. Quite a strange scenario, but the film is full of jokes, only Hubie's accent is worth something, and of course, pay attention to his mom's T-shirts, the inscriptions on which change throughout the film.

However, Sandler and his friends had a lot of fun on the set of the film. Hubie Halloween featured an enormous number of famous actors and stars. In the beginning, Ben Stiller played, legendary basketball player Shaquille O'Neal acted as radio DJ, radio talk show host Dan Patrick played the headmaster, and Boston TV presenter Alaina Pinto played the TV presenter of Salem. Sandler's wife Jackie appeared on screen as the reporter, and their daughters Sadie and Sunny played the adopted daughters. The collection of unsuccessful pre-credits takes only confirms that the entire crew had a great time.

Hubie Halloween is a movie that you can watch on Halloween Eve without straining. In a word, it is a Sendler-style film.


Kamurai wrote:
Good watch, could watch again, and can recommend. (At least for Halloween comedies.) This is definitely a Adam Sandler/Happy Madison Halloween story, through and through. Lots of dirt humor throughout, and way too many pee jokes. While it tries to put a wholesome "life lesson" twist on it, but as the whole movie is satirical, it doesn't come off sincere at all. Almost like it's promoting abuse as funny. The humor is questionable at points, but the majority of the movie is really enjoyable with a pretty well written script and some really great moments throughout the movie. As it moves into a mystery movie it relies less on the investigation and traditional "drip feeding" of information on discovery and more of a battle against almost everyone in the town basically wanting Hubie dead. It is weirdly dark in that regard. You'll probably have a good time, but will most likely come out the other side with a, "Well, that was weird.".