The Spring Round-Up

G. Méliès

English     0     1911    


It was April weather on Lloyd's ranch, but all was not sunshine. The mortgage was due, and while there were enough cattle to sell to pay it, they were woefully short of men to handle them. Finally Lloyd decided to entrust the job to his son, Hal, and detailed El Paso Pete, one of his trusted men, to accompany the boy to Waco. The cattle were rounded up and shipped. Hal sold them to advantage and collected the money and was on his way to settle the mortgage, when he ran into an adventure. Jim Dempsey, a rough gambler, was having an altercation with his daughter, Rose. A Texan will ever respond to the call of beauty in distress and, regardless of the relationship, Hal interfered and followed them to see it safely through. He was led to a dance hall and was surprised and somewhat disappointed to see that Rose was a dancer there, but discovered that her father forced her to thus earn her living.