American comedy horror film. The new version of Disney's Freaky Friday

Movies Horror Comedy
101 min     6.8     2020     USA


Freaky is an American comedy horror film directed by Christopher Landon. The film tells about Millie, Kathryn Newton, as a high school student with few friends, quiet and unpopular. The heroine endures bullying from popular students, and the arrogant teacher publicly ridicules her. Besides, Vince Vaughn, as a serial killer, turned up in the city, known as the Blissfield Butcher, and the girl would least want to catch his eye. However, Millie is the ideal victim for the maniac, which he tracked down one late evening. It would seem that after being attacked by a maniac and stabbed with a knife, Millie's life should be ended. Still, after being wounded, something completely different happens - the teenager and the killer change bodies.

As planned by the creators, the film was released with reference to Friday the 13th; on this day, the comedy horror's main events occur. It is a direct reference to the Friday the 13th film, from where the writers copied a couple of elements. The film also became a new version of Disney's Freaky Friday.

Of course, the film's main stake was made on how Vince Vaughn portrays a fearful girl and escapes.

Freaky was supposed to become an ironic parody of slashers, where a schoolgirl with a psychopathic soul gets rid of a crowd of teenagers with intoxicated brutality. While the killer shyly moves around the city, imposing himself as friends on the frightened students. It should be uncomplicated and mocking horror with stupid jokes. How it came out, in fact, for you to decide.


SWITCH. wrote:
'Freaky' succeeds when it sticks to the serial killer/swapped bodies storyline, but its need to add emotional depth to this horror-comedy and tack on an extended cheap ending weakens the whole film. Come for the deadly kills and big laughs, but maybe get up before the final 10. - Chris dos Santos Read Chris' full article...