Drama Thriller
92 min     6.9     2021     United Kingdom


Living alone in the Oregon wilderness, a truffle hunter returns to Portland to find the person who stole his beloved pig and goes on a cat-and-mouse run along the shore.


msbreviews wrote:
Not watching trailers has infinite pros. From going into the theater without a visual clue about what's going to be seen on the big screen to the ability to avoid spoilery clips that ruin supposedly surprising moments, this is a methodology I've been strictly employing in my life. So far, I've had nothing but spectacular screenings. Watching a movie completely blind is an experience I recommend to every film lover. This intro serves to explain why I was so impressed by Pig's grounded, action-less, character-driven storytelling. Without watching any trailer, just by reading the synopsis, it's impossible not to expect an absurdly crazy revenge flick starring the one and only Nicolas Cage (Prisoners of the Ghostland). Well, Michael Sarnoski delivers a subversive directorial debut, focusing on the always heavy theme of grief. Cage's character is a retired chef who lost someone he truly loved, and the (adorable) pig is the only living being he can associate with his former lover. Instead of following an action-heavy, bloody path of murder to help deal with his emotional loss like John Wick, Pig draws attention to the protagonist's feelings. It's a wonderfully written character piece, featuring a beautiful score (Alexis Grapsas, Philip Klein), and incredibly captivating, unforgettable dialogues that replace the expected action sequences. Cage offers one of the most nuanced performances of his career, proving he's one of the most talented actors of his generation. It's a shame that most people only recognize him as Hollywood's main source of memes. Alex Wolff (Hereditary) is also outstanding as a young man with father issues, though his character's subplot isn't as interesting as the main narrative, slightly affecting the overall pacing. Despite anticipating several action scenes, the lack thereof didn't result in disappointment but instead in a pleasant surprise. Highly recommend checking this one if you have the chance. Rating: B+