Fortiche Production

Animation Sci-Fi & Fantasy Action & Adventure
English     9.1     2021     France


Amid the stark discord of twin cities Piltover and Zaun, two sisters fight on rival sides of a war between magic technologies and clashing convictions.


Folio Swami wrote:
The production team has worked real hard to make something worth the money they were given. The characters are well drawn. And the animation is okay. The effort is obvious seeing the catch lights that are on any character, regardless of lighting. The story is rather boring, and uniform. Stealing is good. Capitalists are bad. Magic exists. It's all a mess. So far Netflix has released only three episodes, and the idea is how good it is to have people live on taxes. Don't worry little serf, your offspring will have a beautiful life thanks to the taxes you paid.
JustcallmeT wrote:
So much better than Dragon's Blood. Characters are more interesting and the story is more immersive. Voices are good too. Plus creative animation.
mgenth wrote:
There is a moment of leap. About creative process, it must involve gathering or meeting certain standards at any point given of the chain of production. We may define, latu sensu, the resulting quality as the strength of the weakest piece of a chain. Arcane is not about clichés, although injustice, discrimination, ambition, love and hate, being universals of human nature, are, at the same time, in and out the category of ordinary repetition, plagiarism or lack of insight. There is nothing ordinary about Arcane. All of it is flawless, touching, remaking the animated fiction, between sci-fi and fantasy, as in life,to the next level of realization. Like, after jumps like The Matrix or Inception, Alita Battle Angel showed the power of animation, maybe a transversal frontier that is leveling up the entire human culture, from 2D animation to virtual and augmented reality, this is about the new "real" around entertainment and creative industry. Whoever cannot see and feel the smell of the Tempest blowing is in lack of common sense. Arcane, like many coming from and to the game entertainment industry, a masterpiece, is a truly beautiful thing. It's is not about the script, of good quality, nor about soundtrack or character's animation. The question to consider is the feeling it arises on the viewer, that sense of wonder unbound making those pieces constituting a new distinct Art, once called the seventh. Maybe this should be classified a number above. From Japan, US, EU, China, Canada or Korea, there's a new player in town. Time must pass to understand the reshaping process the creative human experience is passing through. Congratulations. It was a really good wine, and even the bottle was reshaped, Klein like. It is a once in a while event, years, a decade? We certainly hope for more. ASAP. Best don't follow